Our Story

Meet The Phillips Family:


 Caleb and Janet Phillips both were raised on row-crop and livestock farms where their love and appreciation for everything agriculture too root and grew. After meeting and getting married in 2008 all they wanted to do was grow their farming operation and family. It was their dream to have a family and raise their in the dirt and sunshine on the farm.

After having their 4th child, Janet felt the calling to do something more and that's when the idea of selling their home raised beef came back into the picture. They had been selling halves and quarters of their beef, and always getting great reviews about how much everyone always loved it. They wanted to get their beef into even more homes so they decided to make the witch a start selling their beef by the cut and that's when Show-Me Kansas Farms was born.

Show-Me Kansas Farms name came from their love story and family history. Janet is a farm girl from Missouri, otherwise known as the "Show-Me State", and Caleb was 5th generation Farmboy from the great state of Kansas. Their love of farming and ranching pours out into everything they do.  


While in college we both had a bad experience with ground beef we had bought at the store. It just didn't have the same flavor as the ground beef we got from our family farms. This experience has lead us to want to ensure we create a delicious product for our customers. We do that through how we care for our cattle and land, but what we feed our cattle and the breeds of cattle we use.

We believe in using the best practices possible in order to not only care for our cattle, but also the pastures they roam around in as well as the fields we grow our crops in. We want to leave the ground in better condition than before, so our children have the same opportunities as we do to raise crops and animals as well as a family out here on the farm just like we are doing. 



Here on our farm we raise crossbred cattle.  The main two breeds we have are Angus and Gelbvieh cattle.  Both breeds have their own great qualities. Angus are very docile cattle that have superb carcass quality.  Gelbvieh cattle are amazing growers who produce heavy muscled and lean animals. When you combine the two you get a powerhouse of an animal that grows amazing on grass and adds extra flavor and tenderness when finished on corn.

All our beef is born and raised right on our farm in southeast Kansas. They are given the best care possible. We believe great tasting beef comes from well cared for cattle.

All of our cattle are pasture raised and have tons of room to roam around. When the grass isn’t growing they are fed hay that we harvested off our farm. We believe that the best tasting beef comes from cattle that are not only finished on grass and hay, but corn as well, giving the beef a delicious flavor like no other. 

We do an extended, 120 day finishing program, giving our cattle free choice corn feed as well as as much grass and hay as they would like. We use corn because the cattle love it and because it increase the marbling and overall flavor of the meat.  

From the beginning it was our goal to be able to ship our meat directly to our customers. After lots of research and working with and learning from others who were already doing this we now have a tried-and-true system to sell, pack and ship meat directly to customers all over the US.
We love using social media to share the story of our farm. Giving you a glimpse into all that we do as well as how and why we do it. 
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Caleb and Janet believe in working hard and doing things right. There are simple no shortcuts.
Good things take time, from building up the soil to have just the right fertility to raising cattle.
We strive to raise the highest quality beef that is packaged and cut at a top notched USDA facility. All our beef is processed with old world butchery practices (one animal at a time) and dry aged for 21-28 days to increase the tenderness and intensify the flavor.
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We hope you will taste and appreciate the difference as well - you won't be disappointed!